Why Choose All Quality Marble & Granite?

Why Choose All Quality Marble & Granite?

#1  Quality– We provide only 1st grade materials and fabrication supplies to do the best quality job.  There are many ways other companies “cheat” the customer by using materials that do not match or are 2nd grade and also by waxing edges to put an artificial shine that will fade away quickly.  We put a high diamond pad polish on our edges.  We also do excellent seams.  Many companies only caulk in sinks.  We anchor or frame in every sink so that it does not drop out a few months down the road.   It is never a good deal if you are unhappy with the final product.

#2  Security–  We have been in business for over 16 years and while many competitors have come and gone, we are still growing!  We are also fully licensed and insured.  You, the homeowner or business owner will be liable for damage or injury from unlicensed, uninsured workers.

#3 Detailed Estimates-  Many places give you very vague estimates so they can come back to charge more for what you thought was included.  Our estimates spell out all the details about your job.  A common scam is also square ft. pricing.  They lure  you in the door with a low square ft. price.  When you go there you find out that the selection is limited (2nd grade material)and everything you require is extra.  When everything is added up, the price you end up with is much higher  than the price you were told.  We give only custom estimates tailored to your specific needs.  If nothing changes then neither does the estimate

#4 Limited Lifetime Warranty*-  We provide a lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship.  Your seams will never come apart or sinks drop down, Or we will come out and fix it at no cost for the lifetime of your counter tops.

#5 Reliability-  At All Quality Marble & Granite, 99.9% of the time we come out to install the day that is scheduled.  We do not make promises we cannot keep.

#6 Professionalism-  Our installers are experienced and professional installers that have been with us for many years.  Upon completion, they along with you will fill out a customer satisfaction checklist.  They clean up after themselves very thoroughly.

#7 Technology-    We have the precision of CNC and laser technology available for the jobs that require.  Our CNC makes near perfect edges for those difficult edge selections and our laser templator makes near perfect templates.

#8  Value-  With the tough economy, our prices are lower than ever.  We will not be the lowest price in town, but with the money saving attributes of Security, Reliability, Quality, and Overall Experience, we are the best Value!