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Most Preferred Kitchen Countertops Choices for 2023 in Orlando

Are you looking for affordable and fitting countertops for your kitchen this New Year? This is a big decision. Other than adding to a practical and appealing space, your countertops should facilitate stress free food prep. In this sense, you want to pick one that looks great and is not difficult to clean.

There are numerous kitchen countertop finishes, styles, and materials. Here, we examine the most preferred kitchen countertops choices for 2023 in Orlando.

Most Popular Kitchen Countertops Styles for 2023               

Orlando Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a synthetic engineered stone produced by mixing 90% ground quartz with 10% gums and shades. This mix makes it a profoundly sturdy and low-upkeep choice. With Orlando quartz countertops, the artificial components help with creating many colors and surface textures. Besides, a quartz countertop surface is non-permeable and resistant to staining making it superior to granite, marble, or cement. It also endures different food stains like espresso, tomato, oil and wine.

Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite isn’t equivalent to quartz. It is made when sand is subjected to pressure and heat intensity. This stone is made by joining ground-up quartz with pitch and epoxy.

It is a characteristic stone available in restricted variety choices. Most quartzite slabs are cream, beige or white with dots of red and blue.

It is also one of the hardest natural stones, with a Mohs scale of hardness score somewhere in the range of 7 and 8. This makes it resistant to breaking, scratches, and chips. Additionally, it is non-permeable and will not hold onto bacteria; nor does it fade with standard use.

Upkeep is simple since it doesn’t require professional cleaners. Normal cleaning is all that is necessary. Never use rough or bleaching cleaners as these may harm the sealant.

Granite Countertops

Orlando Granite Countertops will always be among the most preferred kitchen countertops choices for 2023 and beyond. It is sturdy and requires little upkeep. As a matter of fact, its hardness signifies that you don’t have to stress over chips or scratches harming its surface. However, you should seal it once per year to build its life expectancy.

It is harmless to the ecosystem and can maintain its natural appearance for a lifetime. It is available in marbled, spotted and grained designs and with numerous style choices.

 Marble Countertops

Marble is a lavish and well known kitchen countertop material for 2023. No two marble slabs are comparative because of various elements; these include their place of origin, colors, veining, patterns, and debasements. Marble is costly in most cases but the most durable stone with the right upkeep support.

This stone is loved by cake gourmet experts and cooks because its surface remains naturally cool, making it ideal for baked goods. In addition, it is heat resistant; but it is wise to use trivets or hot cushions while working with hot pots or containers to protect its sealant.

Marble countertops in Orlando can be costly, although the costs change in view of the thickness of the slab and the type of marble you buy. For example, calacatta marble is an uncommon kind of high value dazzling white marble with thick dim vein designs. The thicker the marble slab, the more it costs.

Marble, granite, quartz, and quartzite are some of the most preferred kitchen countertops choices for 2023. Which best matches your necessities? Google ‘kitchen countertop contractors Orlando near me’ or simply call All Quality Marble and Granite today. We have an immense stock of granite, quartz, marble, onyx, and quartzite slabs at the most competitive rates.

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