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Orlando Granite Edging Makes Beautiful Countertops

There are many styles of granite edging that go from subtle to bold. When planning to add style to your granite countertops, stylish edging will make all the difference you need. From a basic bevel to the fancy Versailles, granite edging can be done in a different cluster of styles for pretty much any taste.

More intricate edging ordinarily requires thicker cuts of granite. It may be truly challenging to go through all the edging choices available, so we are going to look at just a few of the most famous Orlando granite edging styles.

Assortments of granite edging


Bullnose will be the first edging style we look at. It is one of the most notable of the many edging profiles. Bullnose edge profile is completely round. Consequently, it is a beautiful and safe option, especially for mixed families. Granite countertops with bullnose edging are the most preferred by homeowners in Orlando. They are available in different varieties including full-bullnose, demi-bullnose and half-bullnose. The round idea of bullnose will not only be a safety feature, but by significantly decreasing the customary sharp edges, it lessens the possibility of chipping or breaking on the countertop.

Orlando granite edging
Orlando granite edging

Beveled or Incline

The slope profile of the bevel edges, conversely, has corners. It is generally a cut of 45 degrees, but available in different varieties. The cut can be done on the top, the base, or both. The angled edge is alluring in its design. Orlando Granite countertops with slope edging have straight lines rather than the rounded or bended lines. The piece of the edge that isn’t angled can be either straight or joined with another edging, like Ogee or half-bullnose.


Ogee granite countertops edging has been utilized in design since old times. In Rome and Greece engineering, for instance, the edging was used for architectural purposes, as well as in most English Gothic designs. An Ogee edge comprises a curved bend streaming into a raised circular segment, with vertical finishes. If you are looking for beautiful countertops, this is what you need.


If it is elegance you are looking for, the Versailles edge fits the bill with its effortless magnificence. The cut begins and closes with sheer vertical faces that are joined together with a smooth bend. French Baroque design is the reason behind the charming Versailles profile.

Orlando granite edging
Orlando granite edging


Radius is a well-known mathematical term, and obviously, while discussing granite edges, calculation and balance assumes the biggest part. In this sense, radius edging refers to how round the corner is. For instance, a 1/4″ sweep cut would be half as “round” as an edge with a 1/2″ cut. A full inch round cut would have two times the “roundness” of a 1/2″ span corner. Possibly, the outline on one side or both top and base corners can have the sweep edge.


Looking for a striking and emotional look? A chiseled granite countertop edging might be of interest to you. It adds a bit of the rural charm by keeping away from the smooth, clearly man-made etched edge. An etched granite edging may appear rough but can be smoothed to some extent.

GRANITE EDGING: Your decision will be an impression of your style

The Orlando granite edging styles listed here are a couple of the many. Consolidating various profiles gives you something else altogether. From smooth and easy to intricate and elaborate, the quantity of varieties is quite huge. You can get more familiar with granite by visiting the All Quality Marble and Granite Service Page.

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