New Orlando Countertops: To Trend or Not

New Orlando Countertops To Trend or Not

Like my mother, and her mother, I enjoy being creative and the creative process, usually forgoing the popular “look” or trend of the moment. And like my mother and grandmother, my tendency towards bold colors and eclectic design, doesn’t necessarily lend itself to what is popular or current for interior design projects. All three generations of women have generally chosen palettes that have a discernible nod toward bright, bold colors that most would shy away from, but which always garner admiring praise from friends and family. Comments like, “you certainly aren’t afraid of color” and “I never would have thought of that color combination” are compliments to my ear. Not because they are necessarily in agreement with my design choice, but rather a confirmation that I do what pleases me and not what is the “safe” or popular choice. So, why am I writing a blog on design trends? Because, there is absolutely nothing wrong with following trends. Because, I am not here to persuade another person to get on board with my color selections and because there are many beautiful design trends that will update any kitchen or bathroom.

Popular New Orlando Countertops Trends in 2019

Orlando countertops

Orlando countertops

  First, is the current color trend which is to use gray as a neutral. Gray has been “it” for a few years, replacing beige, which was the reigning color for as far back as I remember.  Pairing gray with white works well with many styles, giving this combination a fresh and contemporary design look. Also, grays and whites work with many other colors like blue or yellow. Using blue tones with gray and white creates a cool, modern vibe. While pairing gray and white with yellow takes on a more traditional palette. If the idea of gray and white is appealing, try gray cabinets with a white counter top or the opposite, white cabinets with a gray counter top. Both are popular combinations that will update any kitchen or bathroom. Another option is to use either white or gray cabinets accompanied with a stone counter top that has color patterns of both gray and white. In my previous blog, I talked about using quartz, a very popular material due the fact that its colors and patterns closely resemble different types of marbles.  If you decide on grays and whites, you will enjoy this beautiful combination for years to come.

Other Trends for New Countertops in Orlando

countertop trends

countertop trends

   Another popular trend is mixing complimentary cabinet and countertop finishes. In this instance the homeowner will use one finish for an island cabinet and a different color finish for the perimeter cabinets. For the counter tops, the same material is used for both the island and the perimeter. Another option is to choose two different materials for each separate area. This is a fun way to introduce your own personal sense of style.  However, too many different finishes can create a chaotic look. It is always a good idea to introduce at least one element of design that has each of the colors in it, thereby unifying the various finish selections. This can easily be achieved by using a tile backsplash that collects all the color in its pattern or plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware or even décor such as, dishware, artwork or a beautiful large bowl. Any of which works because it is used to create the connection to each of the colors of finishes being used.

My Last Take on 2019 Orlando Countertop Trends

     The last trend I am going to discuss (so many trends, so little space to write) is the elimination of the of the upper bar top area in lieu of one overly large, flat surface.  While this is certainly a great idea for creating more useable space for place settings, consider the following: Will the traffic area that passes by the newly created overhang reduce or compromise traffic flow? Is the cost of new counter height stools in the budget? Will the loss of electrical outlets be a problem for the affected area? And finally, has the cost of such a renovation been included in the construction budget? If you are good with your answers, then lower that bar top and enjoy your beautiful new dining area.  Happy trending! Tootles.

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