What You Need to Know About Granite Countertops

What You Need to Know About Granite Countertops

What You Need to Know About Granite Countertops

If you thinking about granite countertops in Orlando, then here you will find out what you need to know about granite countertops. Your kitchen is the most important place in your home, and one of the things that enhance the aesthetics of this food preparation area is the granite countertop. There are a few things that you need to know about granite countertops, and this is what will be covered in this article.

You Need To Know That Granite Countertops Increase Home Value

Granite countertops are part of the main features that enhance the value of a home. This is why usually present in custom homes and part of high-end remodeling projects. This countertop material has been one of the most popular for many decades, and with the way the future is shaping up, there is no end – to the popularity of this material – in sight.

Elegant and Hard

Granite is an elegant, highly durable stone material that is formed when molten rock cools deep beneath the surface of the earth. The temperature, pressure as well as the cooling speed of the molten rock or cooling magma determines – to a large extent – the density and variety of appearances of the stone. Granite is coarse-grained and a crystalline igneous rock which is primarily composed of feldspar and quartz.

Most people tend to confuse marble with granite countertops. Marble is also a solid, crystallized rock and is a form of limestone that is also transformed via the pressure and heat of the metamorphism. It exists in numerous colors and used in sculpture, monuments, and buildings.

However, marble is softer than granite and also etches easily. But granite is a strong and highly durable stone. The strength of a piece of granite depends significantly on where it is was quarried and the stone itself.

Granite is Great For Design

Granite has a wide variety of colors that makes it blend easily with any kitchen décor. Granite countertops give your kitchen that urban and outstanding look due to its high quality, versatility, and rarity. It is a valuable addition to any kitchen, and will ultimately enhance the value of your home.

Granite countertops are hard-wearing, i.e., they cannot be damaged easily or worn out as a result of frequent use. They are, however, not indestructible and will break with massive abuse. But then, nothing in your kitchen should warrant such a force in the first place.

need to know about granite countertops

need to know about granite countertops

Granite is Strong but Not Indestructible

Granite can chip, though this is commonly observed near an edge or around the sink. The chips are usually not visible because of their sizes; however, you will be able to feel them. But these are easy to repair as all you will need is to get your hands on a colored epoxy to fill in these small areas. For large chips, you may have to save them until a granite repairman comes to fix your countertop.

Granite hardly scratch, and the only materials that are capable of giving this coarse-grained igneous rock a mark are diamonds, some kitchen scrub pads, and other pieces of granite. This shows that the only way to scratch granite is to make use of materials that are generally harder than granite.

Granite is also tough enough to tolerate heat up to 1,200 Fahrenheit so you can set hot pans or pots on your granite countertop without worrying that it will scorch or char your beloved granite.

And it is also good to know that granite countertops need strong support cabinets, especially if they are sturdy. Granite has this innate property of spreading its weight. If your cabinets are not sturdy, you may have to reinforce them.

need to know about granite countertops

need to know about granite countertops

Caring for Granite is Actually Easy

The cleaning and maintenance of a granite countertop is a breeze as you will need is mild soap and water, ensure that you rinse the countertop thoroughly to avoid soap buildups.

Cost of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops can be expensive, the colored or exotic ones especially. So, make sure you look for sellers with reasonable prices. To get the best deal on granite countertops buy direct from a “factory” or factory direct countertops in Orlando. Factory direct is when you are cutting out the middle men that resell the countertops at markup. Companies that sell factory direct normally import their own material, fabricate and install the countertops themselves. This will save you a lot of money verse buying any other method.

Contact All Quality Marble & Granite if you’re looking for factory direct countertops in Orlando or nearby areas.

On a final note, although this information is a bit far from everything you need to know about granite countertops, they are enough to help you make a good buying decision.

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