YES, You Can Still Buy Countertops in Orlando. Here is Why You Should Buy Now!!

kitchen countertops

Thinking of waiting until the stay at home orders are lifted to start on that kitchen countertops upgrade project? Think again.

The temporary down time for most businesses hasn’t stopped All Quality Marble and Granite from working, so there’s no reason to put your Kitchen Countertops in Orlando project on hold just because business is a bit slow. For many remodels, such as kitchen countertops upgrade, nearly all the work is done at the countertop showroom, so you don’t have to worry about the fabricators spending a lot of time at your home.

kitchen countertops

kitchen countertops

Even outdoor projects are not off limits. All Quality Marble and Granite has done multiple new countertop installations safely, with minimal face to face contact with the homeowner. In fact, there are a lot of good and valid reasons why this down time is the best time to start your kitchen countertop project. 

Read on to discover some of these advantages

  • You will have enough time to plan for your kitchen countertops project 

A lot goes into a project when fabricators and are working on your kitchen countertops in Orlando, even before our team shows up to begin tearing off the old countertops. Designing the perfect style for you depending on your specification and budget is a detailed procedure. Even if your plans are already drawn, you have to put into consideration the time taken to make adjustments and ensure you get exactly what you asked for within your budget.

If the idea of having workers in home at this time is your worst nightmare, don’t worry! We totally understand your concerns. Scheduling for a kitchen countertops upgrade now will give you a lot of time to plan how much time you need away from the installation area to allow our countertop installers to work their magic quickly and precisely. You’ll have your kitchen uninterrupted only for a few hours and be ready to go back to running on the same day.

  • Take Advantage of the Lull to complete your kitchen countertop project

Since so many people think they need to wait until the stay at home orders are lifted before embarking on their countertop projects, business for countertop companies has slowed down in the past few weeks. Now that you know that there’s no need to wait, take this opportunity to contact All quality Marble and Granite before they get swamped with hundreds of projects for Quartz, Marble and granite countertops in Orlando, all of which have been kept on hold to wait out this down time.

  • You have a better chance right now to hire an experienced contractor for your kitchen countertops project

The importance of getting the right countertop contractor cannot be emphasized enough, so the last thing you want to do is compromise on who works on your Granite, Marble or quartz countertops in Orlando just for the sake of getting the work done. 

If you wait until the start of busy months to start your countertop project, there is a possibility that your project start date will end up being pushed out, and inevitably the completion date being pushed out as well. This will force you to look for any available contractor, without being very keen on their professional background.

Scheduling for your kitchen countertop now will give you time to conduct a thorough background check on several companies before settling for the right one.

kitchen countertops

kitchen countertops

There are many factors that will emphasize the benefits of scheduling for your kitchen countertops project at this time. But one thing is certain: if all the above reasons have not convinced you enough, the countertop discounts on Quartz, Granite and marble countertops in Orlando by All Quality Marble and Granite will surely get your attention. Reach out to us today and let us amaze you with the lowest prices on the year.

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