How Do You Spot a Quality Kitchen Countertops Fabricator?

kitchen countertops fabricator

Undoubtedly, you have been reading about the importance of getting a quality kitchen countertops fabricator, either from our website or even from other sites on the internet. But are you able to identify the qualities that constitute a “quality” installation? Let’s focus on kitchen countertops. How can you differentiate between a mediocre installation and a high-quality one? In this post, we are going to discuss the most important traits that you should be concerned about in the search for a quality kitchen countertops fabricator.

Does the kitchen countertops fabricator’s bottom polish the edges?

This is mostly an uncommon practice, although it is highly desired. Let’s take an example of when you sit at a bar. You find yourself wrapping your fingers around the edges right? Sometimes even subconsciously. Well-polished undersides, even if just a few inches on the edges, feels smooth to your touch with an extra finished feel. This is the most subtle detail that will never go unnoticed.

kitchen countertops fabricator

kitchen countertops fabricator

Are seams on their finished countertop smooth, flat, and narrow?

Every finished kitchen countertop will have seams. The issue here is to have the seam blend in as perfectly as possible. They should not be too obviously noticeable, should be smooth to the touch, and measure at least 1/16-inch and less. They should be as unobtrusive as possible and made using glue.

Are the finished countertops leveled?

A skilled kitchen countertop fabricator would know the difference between a leveled countertop and a flat one. Their finished countertop slabs should be shimmed and leveled before the final installation. Talking of final installations, countertop slabs require very little assistance to stay in place. As a matter fact, a small bead of silicone caulk smeared around the outside of the countertop’s edge is all that you need to keep countertops stationary.

Are the sinks appropriately installed at the end of the project?

One of the most obvious qualities of a mediocre installation is sloppily installed sinks. Sometimes, all that is needed for under-mount sinks are simply a direct attachment to a cabinet’s sides to hold them in place. At other times, you will need to glue them to the stone below directly. A small bead of silicone is required in order to keep the sink watertight and to provide bulk to the holding strength. If can see globs of glue around the rim of your sink bowl, get ready to reattach your bowl in future.

Did the kitchen countertop fabricator rod the top?

“Rodding” a kitchen countertop is the creation of a channel located on the underside of kitchen counters for cutting the holes for the sink and cooktops. The fabricator should then glue steel rods into the channels making sure to prevent the top from cracking during installation or when in use. Although this is quite an easy process, it is still an extra step that will eat up extra time. The most popular modern method is Fiberglass Rodding, mostly preferred because it eliminates the risk of rusting.

Are the edges of the stone perfectly polished?

The edges of a finished countertop should be just as attractive and shiny at the top. Well-polished countertop edges should be free from scratches and “milky” textures or sheens.  Ask the kitchen countertops fabricator if they finish the edges by hand or by using a CNC router. A top quality kitchen countertops fabricator will always finish by hand.

A quality kitchen countertops fabricator can turn poor quality stone into an excellent looking countertop

kitchen countertops fabricator

kitchen countertops fabricator

Conversely, a poor countertop installer will make top quality slab look lousy. Take some time to shop around for both skilled kitchen countertop fabricator and high-quality materials. This combination will result in excellent results that you will be pleased to live with for years to come.

Visiting the Showroom

From the requirements stated above, you must have narrowed down your choice fabricators to just a few Orlando countertops companies. It is now time to drop by their showroom and look around. This visit will give you a chance to see the countertop slabs that you can buy. It is also a chance to talk to the kitchen countertops fabricator face to face to gauge how accommodating they are. It would be better to figure out if you are not on the same page with the fabricator before money exchanges hands.

If you have also hired the services of an interior designer, it is also a good idea to have them tag along with you to visit an Orlando Kitchen Countertop Fabricator, especially in this is an entirely new experience for you. A designer has a lot of previous experiences and will help you make a more informed decision.

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