What to expect from a quartz countertop fabricator

quartz countertop fabricator

Many clients want to know what they should expect in terms of the quality of their quartz countertops. It is prevalent for a quartz countertops fabricator to ask for a deposit for the stone of your choice before the fabrication process. The deposit is meant to ensure that you are a serious client and for purchasing the materials that they may not have. There have been a lot of cases where customers back out after ordering a quartz slab; your quartz countertops fabricator might, therefore, ask for a deposit to ensure that you don’t get cold feet at the last minute and leave them with a quartz slab with nowhere to install.

Before the quartz countertops fabricator actually visits your home, make sure you discuss your sink and faucet options and any edge detail that you might require. There are vast options out there to choose from so do not feel limited by this in any way. This is the most fun part of the entire process.

quartz countertop fabricator

quartz countertop fabricator

After this step, your quartz countertops fabricator will visit your home to take the measurements of your new countertops, only if this step was not covered before the issuing of the quotation. This is another opportunity for you to ask more questions.

Most probably, the fabricator will return in 5 or 6 weeks to install the new quartz countertops. If you had a carpenter who did a great job with the cabinets, your countertop installation should be a smooth process.

Most people find it annoying hat the cabinets have to be in place before the countertops installation is done. This means that you will have some time staring at cabinets that do not have any countertops installed on them. This should not discourage you because as you are about to find out, this is totally worth the wait

Below are some tips to make sure that you are content with the services of your granite countertops fabricator

Have Realistic Expectations

Have realistic expectations of the quartz countertops material. For example, although a good seam should be inconspicuous, you do not expect it to be totally invisible. Quartz countertops seams will always be a little visible and can be felt by touch

Choose Colors and Patterns carefully

The color and pattern of your choice can determine the entire outcome of your countertop design. Light colors (white, beige, light grays) will sit and blend in better than a material with multiple colors and patterns.

Look at some Samples

Make sure that your choice quartz countertops fabricator has shown you several samples of their previous work. The fabricator should have a showroom location that you can visit to see some samples or have some willing previous clients who will let you visit their homes to see some of the complete jobs from the fabricator.

Consider the quartz countertop installation location

There are some controversies as to whether kitchen countertops should be installed between the sink and your cooktop. Some quartz countertops fabricators feel that countertops will be at more risk of damage if installed in these areas. If you however really want your countertops in these areas, make sure to ask your quartz countertops fabricators if the material can withstand this environment.

quartz countertop fabricator

quartz countertop fabricatorr

The countertops’ Seam Layout

The seam layout should be done before cutting of the material. Your quartz countertops fabricator knows the length and width of your material and is in a position to determine the precise position before trimming. If there is a preference, you can talk about the seam location when the fabricator is making the template for your countertops. Make sure that you are present when the final measurements are being done so that you can discuss the seam layout.


 A good quartz countertop should be level. Most times, fabricators are forced to work with un-level cabinets, slabs with different thicknesses warped or bowed materials. These situations force fabricators to shim the countertops, and at times, modify the material so that the end product is as perfect as possible.

The Final Positioning

 When it is time for the quartz countertops fabricator to install your cabinets, you do not expect the countertops to sit perfectly with the first trial. Your Orlando countertops fabricator will layout the tops of your countertop and “dry fit” the first time before taking the tops out of the installation site to make the needed changes. This step might be repeated a few time to achieve the best results. This is a very normal process that should not alarm you in any way.

See It Yourself

On the day when your Orlando Quartz Countertop Fabricator is to do the installation, make sure that you are present. This is so that in case you have any concerns to raise about the appearance of the countertops, the mistake can be rectified immediately.

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