Marble and Quartzite and Dolomite, OH MY!

Greetings from Rocky and Lola!

Fall is in the air (well sort of if you live in Central Florida) and people are beginning to plan their holiday gatherings. Be it good or bad, this is a great time of year to spruce up that tired or dated kitchen or guest bathroom.  New countertops are a great way of getting it done and All Quality Marble and Granite of Orlando is the perfect 1st stop to check off the home improvement holiday preparation list.  The question is what material will work for the counter tops? We have remnants, in a wide range of colors and material options that will fit most vanity (bathroom) tops and budgets. Just remember, when it comes to remnants, keep your mind open and imagine the possibilities. We also have gorgeous full slabs of material for the kitchen.  If you read the 1st blog, you are already well versed on granite and quartz options so now I’m going to give you the low down on marble and quartzite and dolomite. You’re welcome!




    First up, marble. Marble is a timeless and classic option for any kitchen or bathroom renovation. It works well with many design styles and aesthetics. The coloring and veining of this gorgeous stone coordinates beautifully with the whites, greys and earth tones which are always popular color choices. However, buyer beware. Mable is a soft, porous material which is prone to staining, etching and scratching. There are precautions that can be taken to lessen the severity of the damage. Sealing the marble will deter stains from setting in. Wiping stains up as soon as possible is also suggested. Additionally, using hot pads and/or trivets can prevent scratches from occurring. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to use marble in the kitchen and if none of the above scenarios is a deterrent, enjoy

the patina that a well-loved marble counter top will create for many years to come.



Next is quartzite (a natural material), not to be confused with quartz (a man-made material). Quartzite is an excellent counter top option as it is harder than most granites. Quartzite is highly resistant to scratching and etching and comes mostly white but with a wide variety of colors and patterns created by the impurities that can be found in this beautiful natural rock. It is the stone that mostly resembles marble and is an excellent option for kitchen counter tops. Quartzite can be pricey, so be ready to spend more if you decide to go in this direction.






Finally, there is the lesser of the known natural stone countertops and that is Dolomite. Dolomite is a type of limestone found in large, thick areas called dolomite beds. Dolomite is heat-resistant, pressure resistant and wear resistant. It is not as hard as quartzite but not as soft as marble. Two popular Dolomites being used today are Super White and Fantasy Brown. Both delicious stone materials that come in popular patterns and colors, perfect for today’s standards for kitchen and bathroom design.  

    So, there you have it. Hopefully, I have been able to give you “food for thought” and some thoughtful options as you begin planning your counter top upgrades. Come check out the gorgeous new slabs we’ve just brought in. We have it all! Granite, Quartz, Marble, Quartzite and Dolomite. And we have sweet, Lola (most days). Don’t forget, we are a pet-friendly business and Lola loves entertaining four-legged, fur babies! Tootles.

Rocky & Lola



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