My 1st blog AND the “low down” on Granite vs. Quartz

Greetings and welcome to our first blog! Yay!

Check back here every couple of weeks to get the latest from me, Rocky…”my name is Rocky, and I sell Rocks” and Lola (my faithful companion) as we traverse the wonderful world of stone, counter tops, design and anything else I may or may not want to discuss. Jason, my most excellent and informative web guy, has advised me that my blogs need to have key industry words and phrases to get you, my blogees, to my website. So, I will abide by his rule, but I want to make this blog both informative and enjoyable to read. If I am failing at my mission, PLEASE, breath…this is only a blog about stone, counter tops, design, me (the good, the bad and the ugly) and my fur baby, Lola…sweet, lovable, Lola and NO you can’t take her with you.

  I thought this first blog should address the most common question I get from customers as they walk into my showroom. Usually, the question goes something like this, “what’s the difference between granite and quartz”?  My response is to acknowledge what a great question that is (old teacher habit) followed with an explanation that seems to satisfy even the most inquiring of minds.

    Granite is a natural stone, comes in variety of colors and patterns, and is not affected by hot pots or hair appliances. It is resistant to scratches but can stain if not properly sealed… AND a material that rarely comes mostly white with a gray or brown vein. The only natural stones that comes with that coloration and/or markings are either marble or quartzite…AND marble is a soft and porous material that is prone to staining, etching and scratching AND not recommend for a kitchen. Unless of course you like the patina that staining, etching and scratching creates. Quartzite is a much hardier natural stone but can be very costly (more on quartzite and marble later).

    Quartz (not to be confused with Quartzite) is a man – made product, made up of 90% granite dust and 10% pigments and binders. The pigments are what give the material its color and the binders are what hold everything together. Quartz is highly resistant to staining, scratching and etching but remember those binders I just spoke about…WELL, that stuff is in the protective covering of the quartz material and can scorch if a hot pot or hair appliance is laid directly on it.  But, if you like the white background with grey vein look, we have lots of that in quartz. Also, if you want a stone counter top in a solid color, then quartz is the product for you. Finally, if you ever watch any of the design shows, you have probably noticed that quartz is a very popular choice with reality TV designers for both kitchen and bathroom counter tops.

    So, there you have it, my first blog and my response to granite vs. quartz. I hope I answered that question. Stop by and visit my showroom to see my beautiful collection of quartz and natural stone slabs. Bring your fur baby. Lola loves having four- legged company! Toodles…


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