Orland’s Top Trends for Granite Countertops in 2019

Orland’s Top Trends for Granite Countertops in 2019

Discover the top trends for granite countertop trends in Orlando in 2019. Granite has always dominated the world of kitchen countertops due to its functional and aesthetic appeal. Countertops play a big role in kitchen and bathroom design. They give you the ability to define the style and elevate the beauty of a room. Majority of homeowners have realized what granite countertops can do to their kitchens and bathrooms and that’s why the popularity of these countertops never stops growing. Orlando Granite countertop trends have evolved over the years, where we encounter new and hot trends every year. 2018 experienced a lot of great trends and they are evolving in 2019.

With lots of innovative design ideas on display in kitchen showrooms, there are plenty of granite countertop trends which you might want to discover. Keep reading to discover more.

Orland’s Top Trends for Granite Countertops in 2019


Pattern Variety

The world of countertops has continued to experience a lot of improvements. One of the areas where improvements can be seen is in the pattern. Countertops are now available in a wide variety of patterns unlike the plain styles in the past years. Technology has made this possible. Different types of granite now have a variety of vein patterns, specks and swirls. The wide variety of patterns has made granite so versatile such that it is now easier for you to choose a granite slab that best suits your overall design scheme.

Whether you are looking for Verde Peacock with fine specks or a trendy design such as Lapidus with a lighter shade and marbleized pattern, be sure to find a countertop that will exclusively give a boost to your creative personality in your kitchen.


More Color Trends

We all know the power of color when it comes to the design appearance and atmosphere of any space. In 2019 there will be an unexpected trend in colors and tones which are likely to range from dark and deep blue to a soft grey, white and beige tones.

Granite countertops come in a variety of colors due to the different types of crystals that form each piece. Newer shades are likely to occur including grey, white, orange, beige, green and blue. Homeowners will have the opportunity to experiment with different tones to achieve an overall style that the desire.

Granite countertop trends

Granite countertop trends

Honed and Polished Finishes

Granite countertops can be finished in various ways, and the most common ones are honed and polished finishes. We have had polished granite countertops for years, and that doesn’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon. This type of finish results in a high gloss surface that almost looks like a mirror.

The honed finish results in matte appearance with very little or shine. The overall appearance of the stone should have a low sheen and a smooth surface.

Besides, you can also opt for a leathered finish which is the latest style of treatment. The finish results in a soft sheen that is less glossy. Also, it retains the natural color of the stone resulting in a more sophisticated look than a honed finish.



Granite countertops has always been a favorite for many homeowners. Granite countertop trends have always evolved through generations as new kitchen décor companies are coming up with new innovative designs and as homeowners are looking for the perfect look in their kitchens. Today, homeowners have numerous styles, colors, sizes and finishes to choose from.  

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