Are Quartz Countertops a Good Choice for your Orlando Home?

Quartz Countertops

You have probably come across Quartz countertops if you have been researching materials of countertops in Orlando. Like we have seen, quartz countertops are made from combining a number of ground quartz with polymers, resin, and pigments. This process results in a very hard, smooth, and granite-like surface. The appearance of the surface depends on how much the stones have been ground. For a freckled appearance, the quartz needs to be coarsely ground. Similarly, for a smooth appearance, the quartz needs to be finely ground. In this post, you will learn a few things that will help you answer the question, are quartz countertops a good choice for your Orlando home?

What’s unique about Quartz Countertops?

Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are relatively new in the market, but they have quickly attracted a loyal following due to being linked to a number of positive aspects such as a wide range of colors, attractive appearance, and easy maintenance. When an engineered stone is finished, the result is rich and luxurious, and these are some of the features that most quartz customers are looking for. The durability of quartz countertops can be compared to that of granite or concrete surfaces; the only difference being that quartz is more forgiving than the other two. It does not crack or wear off, yet surprisingly, some people do not like these features in a countertop.

Pros of Quartz countertops

  1. They are non-Porous

Unlike granite surfaces, Quartz countertops are resistant to stains and are very easy to clean. All you need is a soapy sponge, and with just one wipe, the surfaces become totally clean. Being non-porous mean that the surface does not harbor bacteria and surfaces that are as a result of cracked surfaces.

  1. The versatility of quartz countertops

Quartz countertops are made in a factory. This means that they are available in a broader range of colors than natural materials. The counterparts are made out of 94% of a blend of natural quartz while the other 6-8% is generally made of polyester raisin to stick the quartz together. You can also opt for quartz countertop materials that are made from a combination of recycled glass, which makes the countertop to have a very unique and attractive look.

  1. Durability

Most homeowners whose kitchen countertops are made from marble and granite are always complaining of the propensity of the countertops to staining. Generally, countertops that are made from a blend of stones tend to be porous, and are therefore at a high risk of staining or storing germs and bacteria. Quartz countertops, however, even though they are also made from a blend of stones, are non-porous. The fact that these countertops contain resin also means that the surface is hard and smooth, eliminating the possibility of having stubborn stains.

Cons of quartz countertops

  1. Contemporary look

Having a contemporary look is not necessarily a disadvantage since there are people who still prefer this look over an exaggerated natural look. However, beauty is in the eye of the behold, and therefore, some homeowners will always go for the more natural look of granite instead of quartz countertops.

  1. Visible seems

For any engineered stone countertop, the seam will always be visible, which is not the case with granite ot marble countertops. This is not a deal-breaker; however, and most people do not mind the noticeable seam lines or swear not to see it.

What you should know about Quartz countertops in Orlando before purchase.

  • The material

The most apparent difference between granite and quartz countertops is the material. I had mentioned before that quartz countertops are made of 94% natural stone, but there is a 6% synthetic composition. Granite countertops, on the other hand, are made from 100% natural stone.

  • The price

Just like there is a difference in the construction materials, there is also a difference in the price. Keeping in mind that granite is mined from a quarry, the origin of the material has a very significant impact on the cost of the product. You can say that the price of granite countertops is fixed, but you will always find quartz countertop suppliers who will slightly lower their price with the right amount of negotiation.

  • Maintenance required

When you talk about cleaning, quartz countertops are slightly on the upper hand as compared to granite and marble countertops. You will find that it is much easier to clean and maintain resin as compared to natural stone. It does not also need regular resealing.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Bottom line

If you are therefore thinking of remodeling your kitchen, take some time to read through this post, while thinking about your lifestyle and budget. After you have made your decision, you can always check out a collection of the best Quartz countertops in Orlando. We will take you through a slow renovation approach for your kitchen while being careful to keep your budget in check.

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