Top Reasons why Orlando homeowners Love Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

The stable beauty of marble countertops can add extraordinary beauty to your kitchen or bathroom with an exceptional brightness that is ideally suited for small kitchens and bathrooms, even when there is no ample light available. The luxurious, luminance, and crisp luster of marble countertop cannot be mimicked or copied by any human-made countertop material. The following advantages are some of the top reasons why Orlando homeowners love marble countertops:

  • Heat resistant
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Distinctive
  • Easy to cut and shape

The following are each of the advantages of marble countertops explained further.

 1. Affordability of marble countertops

From first glance, you would think that marble countertops cost an arm and leg. However, based on their elegance and aesthetic appeal, you will find that the price of these luxurious countertops is far much less than what most people think. The price can, however, vary depending on the thickness and the type you settle for. Generally, marble countertops are much cheaper as compared to Quartz or granite countertops.

 2. Marble countertops are durable

Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

Countertops in Orlando, being made from 100% natural stone, are more resistant to cracking and scratching or breaking, as compared to any other countertop materials out there. The best part is that despite marble countertops being more durable, they are actually softer than granite countertops, making it more flexible to allow for the incorporation of different designs, styles and elements during the fabrication processes, such as fancy edges and so on.

 3. Marble countertops have distinct appearance features

Human-made countertops attempt to copy the look and feel of natural stone countertops with very little success. Most people will be able to pick out natural stone countertops from a number of mixed countertop materials quite easily. Marble was initially developed from sedimentary limestone and dolomite rocks through natural evolution processes, and the proportional mix is very similar to the composition of natural limestone. There is no particular method that can be used to make unnaturally designed countertops to look precisely like the natural ones. The distinctive and beautiful veining of marble countertops comes from the impurities trapped in the limestone within them. These are some of the features that differentiate marble countertops from the human-made countertops.

 4. Timeless elegance and heat resistant

Marble countertops are available in a wide array of colors which include white, grey, black, green, rose and yellow. This is one of the bases that is used to price the material, together with its warmth and elegance that makes it easy to blend in with any home décor or theme. The most popular style of marble countertops is ancients old and was used to design ancient Rome by famed sculptors such as Michelangelo. This style is known as Carrara, which is as appealing as the centuries-old that it is.

 5. Brightness

One feature about marble countertops that makes them the preferred choice for most Orlando homeowners is the fact that they have a natural glow that reflects the lighting of the kitchen, even if it is not that bright. If your kitchen or bathroom is small and the light is not as bright as you would like it to be, getting marble countertops is the best choice to improve the lighting in the room.

6. Marble countertops in Orlando are Low Maintenance

Just like any other kitchen or bathroom countertop, marble countertops requires regular polishing and cleaning to maintain their shiny appearance and quality. Some people think that this type of maintenance is considerably high, but keeping in mind that there is no one particular countertop material that does not require cleaning, and that marble’s strength has been used for centuries due to its sturdiness, the maintenance issue should not be a deal breaker. If you would ask any Orlando homeowner, the countertops do not need regular polishing. One per year is enough as long as it is properly cleaned from time to time.

7. Easy to cut and share

Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

Since marble is lighter than granite, or other types of countertop styles, it is easier for manufacturers to design different edge profiles. Some of the most common marble countertop edge profiles include demi bullnose, bullnose, straight, or bevel. The edges of the countertops can also be cut into different designs, including stair thread, chiseled, waterfall edge, and cove bullnose. Waterfall edge is considered to be the most premium edge since it is designed with three different cascading convex arches, which serve as an added texture and interest to the countertop.


As expected, marble countertops will naturally remain cool as it is the case with any other natural stone. This means that Orlando bakers who are working with pastries, chocolate ice creams, or dough have an ideal, cold working surface. Therefore if you are considering on going for marble kitchen countertops, you are making the right decision. You will never go wrong with the different styles of marble countertops in Orlando.

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