Get Custom Countertops with Orlando Granite Fabricators & Installers

Orlando granite fabricators

Orlando granite fabricators specialize in countertops that deliver gorgeous aesthetics to their customer’s kitchens and bathrooms. Whoever came up with the phrase “hard as stone”, was probably referring to granite countertops. The material was formed over one million years ago as a result of compressed molten rock which occurs under the surface of the earth. The hard nature of granite makes it ideal for multipurpose kitchen and bathroom countertop, and you can easily access the best professional installation services from Orlando granite fabricators. With heat resistant features, granite is unlikely to blister even when subjected under intense oven heat, or even chip. When used for kitchen countertops, granite material offers much better service than, marble, laminate or synthetic countertops. Most homeowners also consider granite countertops to have a more superior look with a dimensional and luminous look when properly polished. Below are more reasons why you should get custom countertops with Orlando granite fabricators and installers.

Orlando granite fabricators

Orlando granite fabricators

  • Orlando granite fabricators offer countertops with exceptional durability
  • They install granite countertops that are easy to maintain
  • Their custom countertops are reasonably priced
  • All their custom countertops are made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Their granite countertops are available in a variety of colors.

Custom granite countertops are very hard and not susceptible to scratches. The only disadvantage you will find from getting custom granite countertops from Orlando granite fabricators is dull knife blades, but never a scratch on the surface of your countertops. Installing custom granite countertops near a cooktop would be just fine because the natural material is not affected by heat. Even when you have to set down a hot pan, you do not have to fear when setting it down on your granite countertop because the heat would never damage the surface. Below, let us look at reasons why getting custom countertops with Orlando granite fabricators and installers is the best idea ever.

Get durable custom countertops from Orlando granite fabricators

Custom granite countertops are probably among the most durable that you’ll ever find in any market. Granite can withstand wear and tear over the years more than most of the materials that are considered to be the toughest such as Formica. The sturdiness of granite material is a guarantee that you will never see ant scratches on your surface and in case you decide to chop your vegetable directly on the countertops, the only damage will be on your knife, not the surface. Additionally, you will never see a blister on your surface even when you place hot pans directly on your countertop. With a service like this, who wouldn’t be happy?

Ease of maintenance

The fact that you will be getting custom countertops means that Orlando granite fabricators will install them exactly how and where you want them to be. This means that you will have an easy time when working in the kitchen or bathroom, with adequate space. The good this about granite countertops is that they are resistant to stain, and all you need to clean the surface is a soapy sponge. Orlando granite fabricators can also seal the countertop surface for you so that you are left with no worry in mind about maintaining the new look of your countertop. Although sealing your countertop may seem like a hassle, think of the nightmare of a melted countertop surface, this is what you would be bargaining for when getting a synthetic countertop.

Orlando granite fabricators’ granite prices are lower than most quartz countertops prices

Price is one of the key factor consideration for most homeowners looking to renovate or remodel their kitchen and bathrooms. Orlando granite fabricators have the best price quotes, especially if you go for the full package than include installation and sealing. The price range is different depending on the size of your kitchen and bathroom but whichever your case, you are guaranteed of the best prices in town.

Get custom countertops that are made with environmentally friendly materials

At first glance, you may think that countertop materials such as quartz are more ecologically friendly than granite countertops in Orlando. This is because their processing plants are located close to where they are mined. However, both quartz and granite countertops are quarried from somewhere; the only difference is that granite comes out as a finished product, but quartz has to undergo a number of different processing stages before being presented in the market. Based on this math, it is evident that granite is the more environmental between the two material, and Orlando granite fabricators ensure that there is very little waste lest after the installation process.

Getting custom countertops allows you to choose among different colors

Orlando granite fabricators and installers are open to the public and literally have hundreds of different colored sample slabs for you to choose from. You also get a chance to compare the intricate patterns as well as the subtle color differences before getting your countertop custom designed.

Orlando granite fabricators

Orlando granite fabricators

Bottom line

If you are looking to spend as little as you can and still end up with a drop-dead gorgeous kitchen or bathroom countertops, Orlando granite fabricators fit the bill. Reach out to the team at All Quality Granite & Marble or visit their store for the most impressive kitchen or bathroom designs.

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