What are Quartzite Countertops and Why Are They So Popular?

Quartzite countertops

If you have ever heard someone talking about quartz and quartzite countertops, you probably thought they were talking about the same thing. It might be surprising for you if I told you that these two are totally different materials. The major difference is that quartz is a man-made material whereas quartzite is a natural stone, quartzite started out as sandstone but over the years, due to intense heating of the earth’s crust, it was transformed into sparkly quartz crystals which are combined together to form quartzite. The material comes in shades of mostly grey and white, but the impurities inside the stone tend to give the stone a range of other colors that can either be red, pink, brown, gold or yellow. Quartzite is commonly mistaken for marble or granite because of its unique veining that resembles that of marble material and coloration or patterns that resemble those found in granite material. Therefore, if you are looking for a natural material with a lot of movement, then quartzite countertops are the best choice. Below are some of the distinct characteristics that make quartzite countertops so popular.

Quartzite countertops

Quartzite countertops

  • Quartzite material is more durable than granite
  • The material looks like marble but does not etch
  • Quartzite is a reasonably priced material
  • The material comes with naturally occurring shades of red and blue
  • Quartzite requires very little maintenance.

The natural stone soul of quartzite countertops is another feature that makes them the first preference form most homeowners. Their hard nature makes them resistant to heat, wear and tear as well as dampness. The sum of all these advantages topped up by the breathtaking beauty of the material makes it the best choice and the most preferred by homeowners all over the world. Below are better-explained points that will help you understand what quartzite countertops are and why they are so popular.

Quartzite countertops are more durable than granite countertops

If you ask any fabricators about what most homeowners are looking for, they would tell you that the bestselling countertops are the natural ones such as marble, quartzite, and granite. Most people would, however, like to know the comparison between granite and quartzite countertops. Since both materials are extracted from natural stone, plus both are hard and exceptionally beautiful, you would be forced to look a little deeper to know which one is superior among the two. When looking at the lever of hardness between the two stones, quartzite is a clear winner, and that is not the only winning point for our wonder countertop, it is actually harder than any other countertop material there is. This goes hand in hand with its durability. There is no one countertop material than can even come close to the lifetime that quartzite countertops have. Quartzite is also denser and less porous than granite, making it the ultimate winner as a countertop material.

Quartzite countertops look like marble countertops but do not etch

If you love the look of marble countertops but hates the thought of having to pay for a premium installation, then quartzite countertops are the best alternative for you. The material looks so much like marble that it is easy to get the two mixed up. If you ever happen to come across quartzite slabs labeled as soft, it would be best to avoid them because they are most probably marble slabs and would wear as quickly as marble because that’s precisely what they are. There has never been anything like soft quartzite. Marble etches easily, but quartzite will never chip or etch. If performance is one of your crucial consideration, then quartzite countertops are the best option for you.

Quartzite countertops are fairly priced

Another reason behind the popularity of quartzite countertops is, judging from their brilliant performance and beauty, they are very reasonably priced. Some may even argue that the countertops are underpriced. If you compared this material to other materials other than natural stone, it might seem a little expensive, but once you get to learn about its features and functionality, you will see the point of it being fairly priced.

The material requires very little maintenance

All-natural stone material, including quartzite countertops, comes with a universal rule that they are better off sealed because they are a little bit porous. Quartzite material, however, requires very little maintenance as compared to granite and marble. The surface is impossible to scratch, but it is advisable to avoid harsh abrasive cleaners because they could strip off the sealant.

Quartzite countertops come in naturally occurring colors

Quartzite countertops

Quartzite countertops

There are a lot of various pretty color collections of quartzite countertops in Orlando to choose from. This is another reason why the material is so popular among modern homeowners. These colors are naturally imparted from the earth where the material was formed. You can say that nature’s paintbrush has really favored quartzite material.

Bottom line

If you are therefore debating on whether quartzite countertops are a good idea, look further than just the price of the material. They are an excellent choice for property owners looking for countertops in Orlando. The material is not perfect, but it will give you excellent service even in the years to come.

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